Session E

Innovation, fonctionnalité, nutrition et santé

Consommation de produits laitiers et santé métabolique : un regard sur le fromage.

Assoc. Prof. Eileen Gibney (PhD), University College Dublin, School of Agriculture and Food Science, Ireland
Associate Prof Eileen Gibney (BSc, PhD, MSc) Graduating with a degree in human nutrition from Ulster University, she obtained her PhD from the Dunn Nutrition Unit, University of Cambridge. She went on to complete an MSc in Molecular Medicine (TCD). Eileen held post-doctoral positions at the University of Newcastle and Trinity College Dublin, before joining UCD. She is a Deputy Director of the UCD Institute of Food and Health and a member of the academic staff for the BSc Human Nutrition. Eileen was a Director of the Irish Association for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (IrSPEN) from 2010 to 2019. She is currently a Trustee of the Nutrition Society of UK and Ireland. Her research interests lie in the area of personalised nutrition, where she investigates response, including inter-individual variation in response, to nutrition interventions, and develops strategies and innovative technologies for personalised dietary and lifestyle feedback. Eileen has been a lead PI on many projects including; food4me, Food for Health Ireland, Insight and FNS-Cloud. She is a lead PI in Food for Health Ireland, and leads the Work package entitled Cheese with Metabolic and Cardiovascular Health Benefits. Her work in this area has focused on human studies, examining the impact of cheese consumption on markers of metabolic health.

Introduction de nanotechnologies de pointe dans les systèmes de détection pour assurer l'authenticité et améliorer la qualité de la chaîne de valeur laitière : étude de cas du projet MOLOKO H2020 de l'UE.

Paolo Bulgarelli, DVM, Milk purchasing quality manager, BU Parmalat, Collecchio (PR), Italia.
Paolo Bulgarelli is the Milk Purchasing Quality Manager of Parmalat Italy, a dairy company part of Group Lactalis. He holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Parma, with a thesis on “Elements of risk assessment on nanothecnology in food”. After his studies, he started working for Parmalat in the Quality assurance department, holding positions of increasing responsibility. In Parmalat Paolo has been promoting several trainings for farmers on themes such as mastitis management and Animal Welfare. In particular, from 2016, he has promoted the assessment of all the farms according to the guidelines of the Health Minister (CReNBA/ClassyFarm guidelines). Paolo works in strict connection with other Parmalat departments such as R&D and Marketing, helping them in the development of specific supply chains like Organic and PDO ones. From 2018, he is the Partner representative of Parmalat into the EU Horizon 2020 funded project MOLOKO (Multiplex phOtonic sensor for pLasmonic-based Online detection of contaminants in milK). In 2020 He joined as an ambassador the Open Innovation unit of Parmalat to develop new cross functional projects and is part of the Open Innovation ecosystem, such as the Advisory board of the Observatories of digital innovation smart agri-food and food sustainability of Polytechnic of Milano.

Avantages pour la santé d'un fromage à la crème enrichi en lipides polaires laitiers : accent mis sur le métabolisme des lipides, le shingolipidome et les marqueurs de risque cardiovasculaire associés

Cécile Vors, PhD, Univ Lyon, CarMeN laboratory, INSERM, INRAE, INSA Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.
I currently work at the CarMeN laboratory in Lyon (France). My research is based on nutrition, dietary fats, lipid metabolism and inflammation. My current postdoctoral project is about the potential health benefits of dietary polar lipids. I also worked on the differential impact of EPA and DHA on the cardiometabolic health of men and women at risk of CVD (INAF, Canada). Previously, I did a PhD on the metabolic impact of dietary fat structure on postprandial lipid metabolism and endotoxemia in humans (Lyon, France).