Session B

Affinage, flaveur et authenticité des fromages

Caractérisation chimique des variétés de fromage.

Ylva Margareta Ardö, PhD., Professor emerita in dairy technology, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Ylva Ardö is professor emeritus in dairy technology at University of Copenhagen (DK). She has an MSc in chemical engineering and a PhD in pure and applied biochemistry from Lund University (SE). Ylva has worked with research, development and teaching of cheese technology and ripening at the Swedish Dairy Association and from 1996 at University of Copenhagen. Main research areas cover cheese enzymes and microflora, proteolysis, amino acid catabolism, flavour formation and methods for evaluation of ripening and characterisation of cheese.
Ylva Ardö chaired the IDF Group of Experts F32, Indices of Cheese Maturation from 1988 and later the IDF Action Team on Cheese Ripening, which resulted in two IDF monographs on chemical methods to measure proteolysis in cheese ripening (1991, 1999). Ylva also initiated and worked actively with the successful series of IDF Symposia on Cheese Ripening and Technology that begun in Lund (SE) 1992, continued in Besançon (FR), Banff (CA), Prague (CZ), Bern (CH), Madison (US), Dublin (IE), and is organised as an international virtual symposium in 2021 (CA).
Ylva Ardö received in 2008 the Swiss Cheese Award for Best Cheese Scientist Worldwide, as well as the IDF Award for Outstanding Contribution to Progress in Dairying Worldwide.


Effet de la plasmine sur l'hydrolyse de la caséine et les propriétés texturales d'un fromage modèle pendant l’affinage.

Huifang Cai, PhD Candidate. Physics and Physical Chemistry of Foods, Wageningen University / Dairy Science and Technology Group, Food Quality and Design, Wageningen University, the Netherlands.
Huifang Cai completed her Bachelor and Master study in China, studied the specialization of Food Science (2010-2018). Her main research topic during master study was the applications of oral tribology in studying texture and sensory perception. With a knee interest in Food Science, she continued studying as a PhD candidate at Wageningen University (2018-2022). She works at two groups, Physics & Physical Chemistry of Foods group and Food Quality & Design group. Her research is supervised by Dr. Elke Scholten, Dr. Guido Sala and Dr. Etske Bijl and aims to estimate the potential of modulating casein fractions in the curd and the content of the proteolytic enzymes responsible for ripening to control cheese texture. Huifang Cai believes that life ought to be beautiful and sweet. It must be composed by love, patient and understanding. She lives with her lovely cat, called Kaiddy. Huifang Cai and Kaiddy hope everyone be health and happy during this special Covid-19. 

Est-il possible de différencier le fromage Grana Padano AOP des fromages à pâte dure ordinaires grâce au métacode-barres ADN et à l’empreinte métagénotypique du microbiote du fromage ?

Dr. Miriam Zago, CREA – Research Center for Animal Production and Aquaculture
esearcher at CREA-Research Center for Animal Production and Aquaculture (CREA-ZA) in Lodi (Italy) from 2010. Food microbiologist; her research interests are the characterization of lactic acid bacteria, bacteriophages and microflora isolated from dairy samples from the physiological and the molecular point of view. Relevant studies concerned phage resistance mechanisms retrieved in L. helveticus strains and the functional and technological characterization of strains belonging to Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus helveticus species. Latest investigation covers the biodiversity in the microbial population of Italian hard cheeses using metagenomic and fingerprinting analysis. She is authors of 37 papers in international peer-reviewed journals and 5 international book chapters.