NIR-hyperspectral imaging enables rapid and non-destructive characterization of long-ripening cheeses based on maturity.

Mr. Hasitha Priyashantha, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden.
I am a PhD student in Food Science at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden. I obtained Erasmus Mundus Food of Life double masters from University of Copenhagen (MSc. in Food Science) and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (MSc. in Animal Science). I obtained my bachelor’s degree (first-class division) in Agricultural Technology and Management from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.


Effect of scalding temperature on sensory and biochemical properties in a “Manchego-type” goat milk cheese.

Beate Bjørgan, Ph. D student, Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science at the Norwegian University of Life Science. Beate Bjørgan is Ph. D student at the Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science at the Norwegian University of Life Science (NMBU). Beate has a background as a professional trained chef with 15 years’ of experience and has recently gained a MSc in food science and dairy technology focusing on product development. Her study subject is innovative utilization of casein-based goat milk products, focusing on exploring traditional and novel technology and how that affects the biochemistry and sensory properties of matured semi hard and hard goat milk cheeses.


Intact Casein Content: A better quality index for Cheddar cheese than its age for selecting the optimum blend for processed cheese.

Shamim Hossain, Ph.D. (Dairy Technology), ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, India.
I am a research scholar in the field of fermented dairy products. I have completed my Masters in Dairy Technology from the prestigious ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal. I work under the guidance of Dr. Yogesh Khetra, Scientist, ICAR-NDRI. I worked on the plasmin system in Cheddar cheese and associated proteolysis and bio-functional attributes. At present, I am working on process optimization and simplification of processed cheese and in-vivo production of important lactose derivatives like Lactobionic acid in fermented dairy products. My future aim is to work on enzyme activity on milk proteins and the production of specific bio-active peptides. I am also interested in in-silico proteolysis.


Residence time in the cooker-stretcher affects mozzarella cheese composition and structure.

Ran Feng, Ph. D., University of Copenhagen.
Ran Feng is a second-year PhD student in the Food Science Department at the University of Copenhagen. Her research examines the structure formation of concentrated dairy protein systems during the shearing process. Currently, she is investigating mozzarella cheese composition, micro- and macro-structure, rheological properties and functionality during and after cooking and stretching processes at different temperatures and speeds. The research aims to link these processing parameters to various cheese characteristics, to optimize mozzarella cheese production and possibly to develop new dairy structures. Prior to joining Copenhagen, Ran specialized in Dairy Science and Technology and received her Master’s degree from Wageningen University.


Modification of texture and microstructure in cow and buffalo milk paneer, by thermal treatment and milk fat content.

Anne Katrine Laursen, Ph. D. student, Department of Food at University of Copenhagen.
I am doing my PhD at University of Copenhagen where I also did my BSc and MSc in food science and technology. During this, I did two internships; one at AAK  AB, working as an application scientist developing plant-based ice cream alternatives, and one at the dairy MS Akureyri, working together with the personnel on the floor in the production .  My MSc degree focused on food chemistry, structure and rheology; and I did in this relation an exchange semester at Wageningen University. Together with CPKelco I did my master thesis on the topic of using low methylated pectin in drinking yoghurt. In my PhD, I am studying heat and acid induced milk gels focusing on the interrelationship between composition, physical chemistry and texture.