The CEC Workshop

A Training Tailored for Artisan Cheeesemakers

The Cheese Expertise Center (CEC) Artisan Cheesemaker's Workshop - Tuesday, June 2

Theme of the day is in line with the first theme of the IDF symposium, namely:Cheese Microbial Ecology : Starters, Adjunct and Indigenous Microbiota

Preliminary program - PDF file

From the rebuttal of Pasteur's theory on spontaneous generation to new discoveries made through metagenomics, our knowledge and relationship with microorganisms have continued to evolve. This evolution has allowed us to become familiar with and make use microbial activity to create and better control food processing technologies. The manufacturing of dairy products is one of the key areas of food microbiology. The industry has been successful in selecting and isolating the strains necessary for the proper conduct of their business activities, all while reducing the risk of undesirable microorganisms. With the industrialization of these technologies, processors have had to implement high standards in the control of milk microbial ecology in order to be able to offer a quality product to consumers and avoid technological drifts that can affect their profitability. It must be noted that this control has led to poorer products in terms of microbial diversity, negatively affecting the typicality of products, a quality that consumers are increasingly looking for. The CEC Artisan Cheesemaker's Workshop of 2020 wishes to open a dialogue in order to discuss this topic should be approached. Six speakers will present this subject in greater detail. The conferences will be followed by a round table discussion during which questions collected during the day will be asked to the speakers. The objective of this session is to foster collaboration by linking different perspectives, situations or ways of doing things that all pertain to microbial ecology.

Invited speakers: