Session D

Cheese structure and rheology

Using rheology to understand the melting behaviour of cheese.

Professor John A. Lucey, Ph. D., Director of the Center for Dairy Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Professor John Lucey is the Director of the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research (CDR), and has been a Professor of Food Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for over 20 years. Dr. Lucey has > 130 peer-reviewed publications, 4 patents, and >20 book chapters. He has made close to 100 presentations at various National and International meetings over the past 15 years. He graduated from University College Cork (Ireland) with BS in Food Science and PhD. in Food Chemistry. His research includes the role of calcium in cheese functionality, gelation behaviour of milk proteins, and cheese technology.


Exopolysaccharides from Lactococcus lactis for tailoring cream cheese texture.

Georg Surber, Dipl.-Ing., Chair of Food Engineering, Institute of Natural Materials Technology, Technische Universität Dresden, Dresden, Germany.
Georg Surber  is a research associate of food technology and Ph.D. candidate at the Chair of Food Engineering at Technische Universität Dresden. He holds a diploma degree in process engineering from the same university. His research focuses specifically on exopolysaccharide producing lactic acid bacteria and their impact on the texture of fermented dairy products, which is also part of his Ph.D. thesis. Another area of his research is the incorporation of exopolysaccharide as concentrate or purified isolate in fermented or non-fermented foods such as dairy preparations or emulsions to improve quality. With his research, he will contribute toward the possibility of manufacturing dairy products without non-dairy additives.


Modelling diffusion of salt in model cheese matrices using time-lapse confocal laser scanning microscopy.

Prateek Sharma, PhD, Assistant Professor, Nutrition Dietetics and Food Science Department, Utah State University, Logan.
Dr. Prateek Sharma is an Assistant Professor of Dairy Technology in Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science at Utah State University. Prateek has completed a Ph.D. degree in Food Technology from Riddet Institute, Massey University, New Zealand in collaboration with Fonterra Research and Development Centre on a project on cheese process rheology. He is an experienced dairy foods Scientist with more than 10 years of research experience in commercial and institutional R&D sectors. He worked in multinational (Ireland, New Zealand and India) environments on number of product portfolios such as cheese, whey ingredients, UHT products and liquid emulsions. Dr. Sharma has a strong research interest in the material properties of the foods, especially, mechanical, rheological, physical, and chemical properties of dairy foods. He has recently been named for prestigious American Dairy Science Association Foundation Scholar Award in Dairy Foods for the year 2021. Prior to joining USU, Dr. Sharma was recipient of prestigious Marie-Curie post-doctoral fellowship from European Commission for working in the area of diffusion of small solutes within the cheese matrices and was based at Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ireland.